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Bodies of Resonance

Performance/Sound Installation which consists of a performative walk around one of the bodies of water in Bremen. The performative walk is carried out with a series of ceramic + electronic instruments, that are designed as means to facilitate sonic connection with water. We name these ceramic techno bodies: “Resonators''. Each participant carries a Resonator which has its own shape to create a particular sonic resonance. All Resonators contain a circuit (designed and developed by us) that can tell via a humidity sensor when it is in contact with water.  Once it senses its connection with the water, the communication is established and the Resonator records the sonic performance: Exercises of resonance that inquire on the encounter of human and non-human bodies, for example, sounds of voices, breathings, and their juxtaposition with nature, interactions with rocks, plants, and water. After the walk, all the participants/performers bring all the resonators into a room where the sound installation will take place creating an unusual orchestra.

The first iteration of  this project was shown in the context of the festival “BZW Natur” in collaboration with the theater space Schwankhalle in Bremen. This took the form of a performance walk/field recording, where we invited the public to use twelve “Resonators” in the vicinity of the theater space, at the lake called “Werdersee”.

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