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Digital Graffiti

In commemoration of the birthday of Bogota, the District Culture Department determined the need to present a free show based on a visual narrative and iconic element of the city. The digital graffiti was, on this occasion, the form of expression that represented not only the actuality of the city but also its historical and anecdotal everyday.

The surface selected for this digital graffiti was one of the side facades of the National Museum. It was intervened with several technological media: Panoramika's developers, programmers, and animators with the urban artists of Vertigo graffiti made mapping, projection, and digital urban art in real time.


In the Interactive Department of Panoramika, we developed an electronic paint can with infrared light and a piece of software in Touchdesigner. A special camera detected this light to convert it into strokes of color similar to those made by graffiti artists on the walls of the city, but this time they were projected with 80 thousand lumens of power and a system of four projectors.

3 acts were performed with techniques such as stencil, freestyle, and tag to give citizens a sample of the future of graffiti.


Developers: Icaro Lopez de Mesa Moyano, Daniel Becerra, Cristian Ivan Gonzales at Panoramika S.A.S

Urban Artits: Vertigo grafitti

Directors: Santiago Arreaza and Sergio Saraza.

Techniques: Software made in TouchDesigner, Color app made in Unity, infrared tag and Optitrack camera. Mapping and projection.

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