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La Pulpa

From Bogota, Colombia, the technological quartet LA PULPA plays the Electro Calentano (a fusion of electronica and equatorial small-town folk) and digital chucu chucu (traditional close-danced ballads). That is, old-time party classics -- digitally altered to induce electro-sensual dance. Through choreography, projections, and performance, the

show has a visual and interactive component inviting our fans to experience the digital future of timeless carefree summertime fun, persuading minds to relax and bodies to dance.


La Pulpa was born in 2012, launching the EP Frutoide – an interactive project that explored the sonority of fruits connected to sensors. In 2014, we launched Vampiro del Tropidark; an album that performed at the South by Southwest SXSW (Austin TX, USA) and FIMU Festival (Belfort, France). La Pulpa has been invited to festivals such as Festival Centro and Colombia al Parque, to venues such as FUGA, Casa Ensemble, Latora 4 brazos; to business roundtables Bogotá Music Market and Circulart in Medellín, Colombia – where they performed their showcase at the Pablo Tobón Uribe theater.

After experimenting with software, machines, and simulators seeking futuristic sounds that will be danced to during the coming endless summer, in 2016 La Pulpa launched its first LP album called Futuro Calentano – the future of dance pool tropical music, brought to the present by these four bio-hackers on a crusade of technology, sensuality and a connection to the roots of humanity found in traditional musical styles. In that year LA PULPA was invited to China and in 2017 we did a tour around Tokyo (Japan), Seoul (Korea), Beijing (China).

Meet the pulpa web page:


Icaro Lopez de Mesa Moyano (Ics) composer voice, 

Nicolas Camilo Cuervo (el negro Nix) Drums and writer, 

Daniel Becerra (Franx) Machines and composer, 

Kike Milmarias (Kiks) Guitar  

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