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Nene del Solar 
The Tropical Machines

Nene del Solar and the Tropical Machines is a ritual that explores through sound devices, poetry, dance, and music, the Tropical as a phenomenon resulting from the tensions between the global north and the global south; the clashes between their epistemologies and how these inhabit an individual.


Nene del Solar is in the middle of the tropics, dealing with tensions between opposite ideas. Connecting hips, brain, and heart, to machines and instruments. Chanting and dancing with them, through them; Nene is seeking for Intra-Tropical communications, connecting affects in his inside, hoping to resonate with the outside. Inner conversations which are trying to bring together body and mind knowledges. Sound sendings that combine sciences and techniques, ethics and politics, confusions and clarities, enchanting an intimate space: A tropical call center, a gate Nene del Solar has created, framed by two sorts of mechanical totems. Can and Capri: Can connecting with the Tropic of Cancer, Capri connecting with the Tropic of Capricorn.

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