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Peru Interactive Mapping Pavilion

In the 27th edition of the FILBO 2014 International Book Fair in Bogotá, the guest country of honor, Peru, headed by its Ministry of Culture, wanted to capture the most representative elements of its culture and literature in an enormous pavilion.


In the middle of an abstraction of Peruvian geography -- full of mountains, jungle, sky and coast -- the architects Vicca Verde and the Panoramika team gave a multimedia tour of the different regions of Peru (Amazonas, Andes, deserts, and coast) respectively related to the cycle of one day with four different moments: dawn, half day, sunset and dusk.

These zones and moments were expressed by projected audiovisual content, mapping, light shows, and interactive experiences within the pavilion.


Script: Icaro Lopez de Mesa and Santiago Arreaza.

Developers: Carlos Mario Rodriguez, Francisco Ramirez, Juan Camilo Ortiz.

Motion Graphics: Miguel Angel Pérez, Sebastian Gonzales, Carlos Eduardo Rodriguez.

Techniques: Kinect + Ultrasonic Sensors + OpenFrameWorks + Arduino + Wiring. WatchOut, After effects, 20.000 lumens projectors.



Client: Ministry of Culture of Peru + Architectural Design: Vicca Verde Peru + FILBO 2014

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