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Resina Lala

Resina Lala, boiled and new postnuclear visual punk, visually insolent, auditively addictive and inevitably danceable. The soundtrack of the end world.

Born in Bogota in 2007 to make music without obstacles, won the Exporock competition in 2008 among more than 60 bands. In the XII Ibero-American Theater Festival, won a training for emerging bands, and in 2012 took part in the three most important Colombian festivals: Stereo Picnic, Rock al parque and Radionica Concert.


Nominated for two consecutive years to Shock Music Awards in Colombia. and chosen as "Colombian Artist" of the year by the web Electro New Wave, by public vote. In 2013 RESINA LALA was part of the Lollapalooza Chile festival line up and participated with bands like Pearl Jam, Queens of the Stone Age, The Black Keys, Franz Ferdinand and Nas, among many others.



Cristina de Valdenebro (Crip) voice, 
Ícaro Lopez de Mesa (Ics) bass, 
Juan Sanabria (Chevi) Synths, 
Andrés Velásquez (Champi) Drums, 
Andrés Archila (Archi) guitar.

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