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Winds have different names according to speed and duration ... one of them is called Temporal.


The work brings together the analog and digital universe by collecting wind information, defined by schedule and location, from different capitals of the world. As soon as the data is collected from a web portal it is changed into visualizations of light, color and movement.


In this way, the viewer is tele-transported to feel the ephemeral sensations of the current weather, brought to this physical space as a tangible interpretation of the lived wind feeling in other places.

Work exhibed at Arttec, festival for the digital and electronic arts in Bogotá.

Artists and developers: Icaro López de Mesa Moyano, Cristian Ivan Gonzalez, Sergio Saraza, Belen Toscano and Sergio Mantila at Panoramika SAS


Techniques: Projection, 12 fans programed with Arduino, particle visualization in TouchDesigner.

Touch interface developed with Processing, scenography: Fabric structure, ribbons and metal support

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