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EVOLUM: Work in Art Vision Contest Moscow

This mapping show speaks about transformation of light. Starting with a small vibrating particle that multiplies and converts itself into a line and then goes from two- to three-dimensional up a connectivity climax among nodes making energetic explosions.

Between this evolution, through a show of light and shadows, light reveals layers of other colors and volumes in the building, elevating its geometry and transforming it with new perspectives and textures.

This was an audio synced–mapping and interactive spectacle, with real-time generative programming developed with Touch Designer and different research techniques, such as live-performance with Leap Motion.

In this proposed show, a performer manipulates – with Leap Motion – particles, waves, and camera shifts according to certain moments in the live act.

Script: Icaro López de Mesa, Sergio Saraza y Santiago Arreaza.

Programming: Carlos Mario Rodriguez Perdomo.

3D moments: Carlos Eduardo Rodriguez, Miguel Angel Pérez

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